Minna Ola Smart Vibrator




There is no single pattern for pleasure. The Ola smart-vibe does what you tell it, when you tell it. Soft and steady or fast and strong, Ola meets your mood and lets you play by your own rules.

Ola responds on demand to the direction it’s given, via the touchpad. The more pressure you apply to Ola’s soft spot, the more intense the vibrations Ola supplies; let up, and it does, too. You set the mood, Ola responds in sync. Smart Vibrator Ola replays your vibration creations, when requested. It is truly  “harder, harder=faster, faster.”

Compose a pattern you like, and Ola will keep it going until you tell it to stop. You create, Ola repeats.Use any surface of Ola’s body-safe, waterproof design to create pleasure inside or out; alone or with a friend; even underwater. You create the scenario, Ola makes it possible.

It is perfect for one partner to create new stimulation for the other, to connect in a whole new, unique pattern.

Rechargeable. Satin pouch included. 1.4″ diameter.

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