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Sex Toy Parties 

Hello, I am Sara and I have a healthy sex life. So why would I be a Sexinista? Because I believe in the high-quality products that Entice Me has curated for all those who are, and those who want to be healthy, sexually active individuals

I eat organic and am careful to avoid parabens and sulfates in beauty products, so why wouldn’t I expect the same attention to detail in my sex toys? Did you know that there are regulations governing children’s toys and pet toys, but none for sex toys?

And before you pick-up a store-bought lubricant, it’s important for you to know that many contain the same ingredient used in anti-freeze (which dries out delicate tissue!).

I have been fortunate, as an adult, to have a healthy sex life, but in talking to friends I have discovered that not everyone has been as lucky. Whether you’re straight, queer, non-binary, and practicing self-love – everyone deserves to have a healthy sex life and this happens through education and access to products that aren’t detrimental to your health.

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