Founder and Chief Sexinista™ of Entice Me®. She began Entice Me to open up the conversation about sex and pleasure.




She will help you to reconnect with yourself, feel sexier, increase self-confidence, and reignite the spark in your sex life! 




Sex should never be boring, change something, mix it up, try something new, be naughty and be sure you have a lot of fun. That is her wish for you!



New York City

Bryan’s mission is to change the way sex is talked about and to educate and entice people to have more pleasurable, fulfilling, and healthy sex lives by including our adult toys in their sex lives that are designed to hit upon the right pleasure points and reduce your ‘workload.’




Ruby Doll is an advocate for Self Love, Self Discovery, and Self Pleasure.

As a survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Trauma, she has enjoyed the healing bliss of orgasms through Self Gratification while using only body safe products.

Her goal is to make the World a more enjoyable place, one orgasm at a time.



Inland Empire and So Cal

She’s an Orange County Intimacy Expert, a Cancer Survivor and Co-creator of Modern Ageless Beauty – empowering the 40+ woman to be the best version of themselves.

Ruby Ryder


Online Webinars

She spends her time teaching about the singular joys of pegging, and doing everything she can to encourage a more sex-positive society.

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Connecting to your sacred intimacy enhances self-love & acceptance. Specializing in Yoni Steaming & Crystal healing. 


Terah Harrison


Dallas Area 

She believe that we are worthy of pleasure, love, peace and fulfillment.





She got inspired by her own journey that she created her own Self-Discovery, Redefine your Pleasure and Eroticism and Sexuality, Sensuality and she created a link with Kizomba(very sensual dance). She created a name called “Kizensual” and started teaching only Ladies Styling classes in combination with meditation.




She have committed herself in becoming a Sexinista because she feel the need that women should get to know themselves better. She is a firm believer that self-pleasure increase self-confidence and selflove.




She’s ready to assist you in becoming the Most Divine you. Another reason why she decided to become a Sexinista is because she fell in love with the idea of helping others in creating better relationships, increasing self-confidence and to help others in overcoming body image issues.


Become a Sexinista!