Reintroducing sex and intimacy back into the lives of those who have experienced life-changing events, such as cancer. Pleasure often takes a back-burner to events that happen in life. At Sexy Survivors, we believe EVERYONE deserves great sex! Fantastic sex is our birthright!


Sexy Survivors provides resources and education to strengthen relationships and sexual confidence of those who are experiencing life-changing events, traumas or illnesses.


THE Vision

  • To assist survivors of Cancer and other illnesses in reintroducing intimacy back into their lives after chemotherapies and body-altering surgeries
  • To aid Veterans in reintegrating normalcy and intimacy back into their relationships after returning from combat situations
  • To help survivors overcome body-issues, feel sexy and love themselves again
  • To bring fun and light-heartedness back to couples who are going through fertility treatments
  • To improve relationships and reduce divorce rate
  • To assist those who have experienced abuse and sexual traumas

The Plan

To develop an outreach team of specialists and programs that include: 

Cancer Survivorship Workshops, Individual and Couples Coaching, Self-Confidence Programs and Mentorships, Community Resource Centers across the country