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Make Money While Having Fun

Thank you for your interest in Entice Me®. We are currently expanding all over the country, looking for new direct sales representatives, which we call Sexinistas. It is my passion to empower women to be their own boss and create the life that they desire, in a fun, sexy way with no BS. We have an established business model and limitless growth. Becoming a Sexinista™ with Entice Me is an excellent opportunity to own your very own business with a minimal investment and practically no overhead. We know you are busy, so we make it easy to have some extra income or full-time career. Direct Sales is a very flexible option in our busy lives.

To start a business like Entice Me from the ground up or even with franchising, it takes time, relationships and tens of thousands of dollars. As a Sexinista, we have done all the work for you! We provide the training, the knowledge and the proven products that sell! You can easily make your initial investment back in just a few Soirées. You can’t say that about very many businesses. Plus you are really creating a Communauté (Community in French) where sex and sensuality can be talked about openly and is no longer taboo. It is amazing to see the transformations in people! It is so rewarding, plus fun! I never feel like I am working when I am at a Soirée… I am just hanging out with great women, having a drink and talking about sex! And then getting paid for it!

We have built our business on creating and cultivating relationships, taking time to get to know our Sexinistas, our customers and their needs. Your customers can shop at Private Soirées and Seminaires, on your Personalized Website, and at Special Events.

The Opportunity
The sexual wellness industry has been rapidly increasing at a rate of 30% since 2007. It is currently the fastest growing segment for shelf space for drug stores, such as Walgreens and CVS. It is an untapped market, where people want to see and feel the product before buying, so we don’t see this as competition. In fact, women are much more inclined to purchase in a discreet environment, such as a Soirée at a friend’s home or from our Boutique Website.
We carry a curated line of award-winning luxury brands that have been recently featured on daytime talk shows such as Dr. Oz and Rachel Rey, and even in the swag bags at the Oscars.

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