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Meet The Sexinistas




She is looking forward to helping you on your journey to self love, expression and ultimate pleasure.



Inland Empire & Southern California

She wants to create a safe place for women to spread their sexual wings and be able to express their ultimate pleasures; connecting mind and body through kink, self pleasure, and eroticism in order to achieve euphoric orgasms.

Ruby Ryder


Online Pegging Webinars

She spends her time teaching about the singular joys of pegging, and doing everything she can to encourage a more sex-positive society.

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Helping others grow sexually and spiritually is her mission. She is an expert in sexual energy, crystal healing, and orgasmic manifestation. She have found that practicing yoni steaming and crystal yoni egg work invokes sexual healing she never expected.




Sex should never be boring, change something, mix it up, try something new, be naughty and be sure you have a lot of fun. That is her wish for you!


To know that Entice Me is here to listen, help, coach and bring life back to all women is also my cause and my purpose. I am so proud to be a Sexinista!

Ruby Doll

Seattle Area Sexinista, Ruby Doll




Sex Counselor & Educator🔸Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist 🔸Trauma informed, Kink, LGBTQI+ 

Creating a More Pleasurable World.


long beach sex coach

She is the founder and Chief Sexinista™ of Entice Me®. She began Entice Me to open up the conversation about sex and pleasure.



Los Angeles & Conejo Valley

Vanessa is an advocate for self-love, self-pleasure and a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.
She want to help take the shame out of sexual pleasure, share the multiple (and sometimes unexpected!) benefits of orgasms and share the curated Entice Me line of body safe products.

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