Become a Sexinista 

Make money while having fun!

We are always looking for new sales representatives, which we call Sexinistas. We want to empower women to be their own boss and create the life that they desire, in a fun, sexy way with no BS. 

Becoming a Sexinista™ with Entice Me is an excellent opportunity to own your very own business with a minimal investment and practically no overhead. We know you are busy, so we make it easy to have some extra income or a full-time career. 

Sexinista Starter Boxes

Let The SexCess Kit set you up for success with access to our comprehensive training system and your own personal Entice Me web-page.  

Next add The Sexy Box. It includes way more than just lotions! In fact, it contains about 20 of our most popular products perfect to display at all your Sexy Soirées!

Your first $1000 in sales, you will earn 20% commission and it just increases from there as you sell more and move through our bonus plan. It is your business so you can hold Sexy Soirées, sell online and via social media, webcasts, podcasts, in your office, etc. 

The SexCess Kit


Tools you need for your new business.

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The Sexy Box


For your growing business.

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The Sexy Combo


A powerful plan to boost your business!

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Your very own Communauté (Community in French) where sex and sensuality can be talked about openly and is no longer taboo. Becoming an Entice Me Sexinista is easier then ever, we’ve done all the work for you! We provide the training, the knowledge and the proven products that sell! You can easily make your initial investment back in just a few Soirées.



Your Sexinista questions answered!

A successful Entice Me Business starts with YOU! This is a business and to be successful, I believe you have to treat it like a business. Yes, it is very rewarding to love what you do and get paid to do it, but it also takes hard work to build up your client base.

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain a Sexinista?
To remain active and receive overrides, you must have $500 in personal sales per quarter.

Will I receive any training or marketing support?
Yes, you will receive our Sexcess Kit and materials to get started. Documents are available through DropBox on Demand. We have weekly training calls, and quarterly training events.

What is the career path beyond personal sales? Do I have to build a team?
It is completely up to you. No one has to build a team. We are a multi-level marketing plan, and you can be paid on multiple levels of enrolled Sexinistas. We will continue to expand our compensation plan, as we grow. There are bonuses you earn by enrolling other Sexinistas, for sales, etc.

What does it mean to be a Sexinista?
A Sexinista, like a Fashionista loves what they do and loves to talk about it and share with the world!

Can I be successful?
Of course, it is such a growing market and the our products sell themselves once they are in the hands of our guests. Sex always sells and we have positioned ourselves in front of huge trends such as Safe-Toys and 50 Shades of Grey.

How many hours do I need to work?
That is up to you. It is your business, but it is suggested that you dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a week on average.

How much can I earn?
The minimum you will make on a qualified Soiree is $75. But our Soiree average Sales are $1200, so that is $300. Not bad for a few hours a week.

How can online sales help me earn even more?

Yes of course! You can market online with your Personalized Website with Entice Me, it is easy. You earn up to 25% on all your web sales too, once you are a Qualified Sexinista!



How much do I need to invest?
Our Sexy Boxes range from $300-$1000. There are other additional small investments that you will want to make, such as a display table, pens, clipboards to put your best foot forward.

How do I book my first Soirée?
Think of your girlfriends who are fun and sassy, family, or even hold a Sexy Launch Party at your home or a special location. Initially, I held Sexy Sundays for the 1st year I was in business and built my base that way. Just have $1000 in Retail Product Sales in your 1st 60 days and you will be on your way to becoming a Qualified Sexinista!

Do I get a discount on products?
Yes, the discounts start at 25% for our Sexinistas with a Sexy Box and can go up to 50%!

How do I get paid?
We pay currently pay by check, paypal and venmo.



How is Entice Me different?
Entice Me is like the Little Black Dress of the Adult Pleasure Party industry. We are classy, sassy and fun and all of our products are luxury items that are good for you! And this isn’t the norm! There are no regulations in adult products, which means that chemicals that have been outlawed in children’s toys can still be used in adult toys. We only carry proven non-toxic, body-safe products.

Why Sexy Soireés?
We set out to create a Communauté where people (especially women) could come together and talk about Sex and Sexuality in a comfortable environment. We not only have fun, we educate and talk about issues that we all have, but often think is just our own problem. Once people see and experience our products, sales happen naturally.

What is the company culture?
We are like a family. All of our Sexinistas help each other and work to build our Brand. No one sees each other as competition, because the more we get out and talk about sex, the better it is for everyone! We enjoy hanging out with each other and drinking wine, cocktails and sharing great food. Don’t worry if you don’t drink, we never judge anyone, at all! We are very welcoming and we can’t wait to have you join our sexy team!


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