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Sexy Survivors

Inspiring women to fall in love with themselves after cancer.

Each year over 500,000 women are diagnosed with breast and genital cancers in the US alone. These women are twice as likely to be divorced during treatment than their male counterparts.

Second only to monetary worries, sex and intimacy are what cancer survivors are most concerned with after treatment. Through research, client experiences and personal testimonials, we have found that female cancer survivors begin to feel the negative effects in their personal lives and relationships 6 months to 1 year post treatment.

Entice Me is reinvigorating our expansion efforts within the cancer survivor community. We aim to assist individuals and couples in rediscovering and reviving self-love and intimacy following life-altering cancer treatments and surgeries.

We have found that the lives of survivors are affected by the traumas their bodies have endured. Post-treatment, they don’t feel like themselves, they avoid mirrors, and they hide their bodies. Due to the traumas their bodies have endured, they struggle to feel desirable and sexy. And sex is often painful. Their relationships suffer, which affects their families long-term. The return to “normal” is rife with emotional and psychological scars in addition to the physical scars. Through our work together, they begin to see their bodies in a new light and to learn how to love themselves again. This is the foundation of a healthy relationship… it begins with self.

It is our goal for Sexy Survivors to be adopted and funded by cancer centers and hospitals around the globe as part of a comprehensive patient treatment plan. Our stand-alone digital platform is designed to optimize care team resources with emotional guidance, personalized support and a vibrant online community. It can be implemented as a plug and play model into current support systems, white-labeled, or administered by our strong internal team of coaches and therapists.

Our support begins with female survivors of breast, genital, and reproductive cancers and will eventually expand to develop tailored programs for male prostate cancer survivors and markets related to trauma survivors beyond cancer.

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Sexy Survivors provides resources and education to strengthen relationships and sexual confidence of those who are experiencing life-changing events, traumas or illnesses.


  • To assist survivors of Cancer and other illnesses in reintroducing intimacy back into their lives after chemotherapies and body-altering surgeries
  • To aid Veterans in reintegrating normalcy and intimacy back into their relationships after returning from combat situations
  • To help survivors overcome body-issues, feel sexy and love themselves again
  • To bring fun and light-heartedness back to couples who are going through fertility treatments
  • To improve relationships and reduce divorce rate
  • To assist those who have experienced abuse and sexual traumas

To develop an outreach team of specialists and programs that include:

  • Cancer Survivorship Workshops
  • Individual and Couples Coaching
  • Self-Confidence Programs and Mentorships 
  • Community Resource Centers across the country

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