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Self-Pleasure, Even I Forget How Great it is Sometimes!

I am an advocate for Self-Pleasure. It is my business and self-pleasure changed the way I saw myself, my body, my confidence and my relationships-both personally and professionally. I love to Procrasturbate, as Jon Stewart would say. In fact, lately I have found myself fighting the Proscrasturbation urge, being that I work from home. I could easily do nothing but pleasure myself, but there is work to be done. Sometimes,though, lately, I have been feeling guilty about masturbating instead of working. Recently I was falling into the “Do As I Say, Not as I Do” routine and that needed to be changed. I was busy, I couldn’t take the time. You what I noticed when I had fewer orgasms? I was depressed, lethargic, down on myself and my business was suffering.
Oh… Self-Pleasure how I do LOVE you! The orgasms that I can give myself are truly mind-blowing and body-shaking. And this doesn’t mean I don’t love men! I do love male induced orgasms as well! They are just different.
I have never been one to just use my hands, and that is one reason that enticed me to start Entice Me. Toys, glorious toys! They rock my world with no drama in sight! Sometimes I forget this, I get busy, like we all do… and with that I also begin to see myself become not as happy or confident. Self-Pleasure makes me feel powerful, on top of the world and in control. No one else effects my orgasms, I own them and I created them. I don’t have to worry is someone is going to call me, text me, come over, etc. No worries about STI’s, getting pregnant, if they like my body and so on.
Not to mention, I have more energy am more productive and I am more confident in all areas of my life. My business is better, I make more money. And all the other benefits of orgasms! Luckily, the more I orgasm, the easier it is for me, so the process can be very quick and satisfying. Take a few or 30 minutes for yourself, you will reap the benefits in all areas of your life! Try it and see for yourself!
Some of my favorites for self-pleasure? LELO Soyara, Phallix Golden Rotary Wand, Magic Wand Original, Crystal Delights Plug, njoy purewand.
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