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How to Get Your New Years Kiss and Then What to Do Next

This might be the most anticipated New Year’s Eve since Y2K. The world is looking forward to a calmer 2021 for sure. Eminently there are no parties and festivities like normal, because nothing about 2020 has been normal.  But that doesn’t have to not include a New Year’s Kiss. 

So what about that New Year’s Kiss? If you are snuggling up with your lover, then that is hopefully a given. 

But with so many still “Safer at Home,” you may be wondering how that kiss will happen. 

Here are 3 creative ideas on how to share a “socially distanced kiss.” 

  1. Video call at the strike of midnight. Each of you kiss your screen as the ball drops (after sanitizing your screen of course.)
  2. Create a video of yourself blowing kisses to your lover and send precisely at midnight.
  3. Send your lover your favorite picture of the two of you kissing

Or if you are sharing an evening with a few people you don’t know, the kiss may come from a stranger. Unless you have a inside hook-up and carry rapid tests in your pocket, here are 3 ways  you can share a COVID-Free kiss with a stranger at the strike of the new year.

  1. Mask to Mask. Wear a mask with graphic lips to spice it up. 
    1. Use a dental dam or plastic wrap between the two of you
  2. Kiss other places, than the lips 🙂

So the “kiss” was a success, now what? 

For those of you in person, wearing facemasks during sex can be kinky. Add a blindfold or a neck gaitor mask pulled up over the eyes. When a sense is taken away, it heightens the remaining senses. Have fun with it and you may be creating a memory of, ‘remember on NYE 2020 when we had sex with our masks on?’

I am a fan of video sex, either zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, or Skype. As awkward as it may seem, it is really sexy.

Follow your normal routine to get into the mood. For me, that would be a glass or two of bubbly as we sext for a while before moving onto video. I would wear something I feel sexy in. Depending on my mood, that could be boyshorts and a tee or lacy lingerie. I would have my favorite toys charged up and ready to roll, with a little O-Gel on my clit for a zing. Some scintillating starters are asking, “what would you be doing to me if you were here?” or describing what I would be doing to my lover. Showing each other how you like to pleasure yourselves is another red hot visual. 

Have fun and Happy New Years! Go get that New Years Kiss! ??