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Why Do We Love Hotel Sex?


Ahhh… hotel sex, for some the holy grail of sex. Both men and women love it. It gives us an escape. So why is hotel sex so great?

When we are in our homes, we can always find something to do. This can clutter a mind. Taking time for intimacy can often take a back burner to the things going on in life. There are dishes to be done, laundry, meals to fix and perhaps the kids are down the hall. This is all before even thinking of making noise. The subconscious holds all this, whether we like it or not.

Just being in a hotel, whether for business or vacation is at least a chance to get away and allow someone to pick up the towels, change the sheets and do the laundry.

Here are some tips to ensure your stay is even sexier:

Get Two Beds Use one to be freaky in and the other to sleep in. It can be tempting to get that big, king bed, but the I promise you will enjoy the dry sheets much more! Plus you can use the extra pillow as props.

Splurge a Little Upgrade to a larger tub and bathe together or even just shower together. Indulge in some soft porn. It is always available in hotels. Stay in bed and order Room Service. Eat in the extra bed and then engage in some morning nookie.

Try Something New Pin your lover up against the window, leave marks on the windows…. Give the neighbors a show. Leave the lights on. Try a new position. Use a sex toy. Leave the TV off (unless you are enjoying that porn!)

Rollplay Use the surroundings to your your advantage. Act like strangers meeting in the bar for a night cap or engaging with a French Maid. Be someone else. What are some of your fantasies?

hotel window