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An InCredible Month!

This past month still has me on a high! I have had a few events which really added credibility to Entice Me.

dr gail jackson morningIt started out by being a guest on Dr. Gail Jackson’s, “Let’s Talk Hormones” Morning TV show, broadcast online. Dr. Jackson is an amazing doctor who deals with bio-identical hormones which make women feel like themselves again, when approaching menopause and beyond. She is a member of the Forever Health Network, which is recommended by Suzanne Somers. I was lucky enough to be asked to join Dr. Jackson and Deseree Dubois to talk about Self-Pleasure and the Confidence Connection. I was completely honored to be a guest! Past guests include women I much admire, such as Dr. Hyla Cass and Suzanne Somers. It was also the 1st time I have been on TV! It was a blast! Not only do they tape the show at the Luxe Hotel in LA, it is a great networking event for women. I felt much love and support from friends who came to support me and the new friends and customers I met!

womanology ladiesThe next day I was asked to be a guest speaker at an in-service for the practitioners at Womanology at Hoag Hospital in Irvine. Womanology has teamed with Entice Me to offer the highest quality products to their patients, in the office. Womanology+Restore Him treats a variety of pelvic pain issues and modalities. I am SUPER excited for this collaboration! Having a huge practice like this team up with us, really gives the sexual wellness industry and Entice Me credibility! I still can’t believe it, but I just received their opening orders, so I guess I can stop pinching myself!

How this became is an interesting story, so I want to share it. I had just heard one of my favorite speakers, Ursula Mentjes, talk and was reminded of a couple of things. One, if your mind can conceive it then it is possible and two, if someone crosses your mind, it is for a reason. My mind is always going on and on, and I randomly think of people who I need to contact, follow up with and such. Normally, I make myself a note to contact the person, but this particular night, my thought was, “I really need to check in with Womanology and see what Robin is up to”. Instead of making my note, I sent her an email right then. Surprisingly, I received an email right back, telling me that it was perfect timing, because she had recently sold Womanology to Hoag Hospital and they were looking to bring on products. Robin invited me into visit with their office to discuss things further….that same week! It came to be a perfect fit and we are all very, very excited!

I also have a new Sexinista in the San Diego area who recruited a Sexinista to her team at her first solo Sexy Soiree! Entice Me has it’s 1st 2nd level person! Congrats to Michelle Morales!

And last but not least, my Sexinista, Ruby Ryder has consistently been showcasing Entice Me on her podcast, Pegging Paradise and holding workshops at our Corporate Office in Long Beach about once a month. (Yes, Corporate Office is my living room, but Amazon and Apple started in a garage). It excites me to see sales come in from her podcasts from her dedicated listeners!

Tiffany Yelverton at womanologyWhen I began Entice Me, I knew I wanted to set it up as direct sales and multi-level marketing. As we grow, the tiers and compensation will expand. Currently we are considered an “affiliate program”, for regulatory reasons, but I see that changing in the near future! I want my Sexinistas to be able to develop passive income, if they desire, but not force them to, like many companies do. They are not required to recruit, but they will benefit, if they do!

I am excited about this past month and the things that are to come! Please stay tuned, as I plan to blog more, to share this journey with us!

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