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Hand Massage Hits the Right Spot

A Favorite Quick Tip!

Non-sexual touching has been used as an erotic interlude since Masters and Johnson. These days we are starved for touch, more than ever. We live in cyberspace, buried in our devices. I urge you to connect with your lover tonight. Sometimes one or both of you just don’t have the energy for sex, so this is a good way to connect, in a different.

I get raves when I give a hand massage. Our hands are a much used and much neglected part of the body. Hand massages are a great way to touch another. I was once told, ‘the sex was amazing, really amazing, but what you just did (hand massage) that, THAT blew my mind!’

We use our hands all the time for texting, gripping the steering wheel and for most of our careers- chefs, massage therapists, fire fighters, bloggers, artists,etc. and it is a neglected part of our body.

Here’s How:
1.Heat up a delicious massage candle (the warmth is relaxing and healing)
2. Dip your fingers in and scoop up a little of the liquid oil, rubbing your hands together to coat
3. Sit facing your partner, looking into his/her eyes, and take one hand, stroke from the base of each finger, to the tip,  pulling the finger and slightly twisting (using your thumb and forefinger) as you move along
4. Repeat the motion several times on each finger, with your thumb on each side of their finger, and top and bottom
5. Repeat with each finger
6. Do the same motion on the palm of the hand, with your thumb pressing into the palm of your partner and your fingers on the back of the hand

Add the forearm for extra credit! Grip your lover’s arm just below the elbow and twist around to the left, moving down the arm 180 degrees, then back to the right, moving towards the wrist.
This should warm things up! Good Luck!

P.S. It is a nice thing to do for yourself too! It is relaxing!