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Sexy Secret #5 for Insane Confidence

Welcome back! Here is my 5th and final confidence tip!

Drum roll please…. The 5th Sexy Secret is to make eye contact. Not just make eye contact, but actually connect and hold eye contact. It is an important skill that exudes confidence and assurance. Direct eye contact can denote cultural or social hierarchy, however I challenge you to do it anyway.

When was the last time you looked into someone’s eyes and held their gaze for more than 15 seconds? I will tell you, it is very difficult for most people. The eyes are the windows of our souls and eye contact is intimate. However, many of us rarely connect at that level because we are buried in our devices or find it uncomfortable. Eye contact can also create an emotional response. Looking intently into someone’s eyes can evoke emotions that may have been hidden. It isn’t just the act of looking but also, as truly being seen.

Utilizing a slight glance down and then back up, combines femininity with boldness, both in the bedroom and in the workplace. In many situations, eye contact implies conversational dominance. Maintaining a connected gaze during a conversation, shows that you are present, as well as confident.

The next time you are with your partner, use a demure glance down and then look back up into his or her eyes. Hold eye contact with him or her and experience things as they really heat up. The other night my lover said, ‘It is so hot when you look up at me.’ Knowing he is turned on, excites me on even more.

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