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Trade Wars, Tariffs, and Toys

More than 2/3 of consumer goods imported from China have experienced increased tariffs in the past few months. There are more expected increases to be added on Dec. 15, 2019. So far there have been minor increases on certain product lines we carry and I expect to see more. 

Several of our favorite products have experienced manufacturing and customs delays, resulting in a less than optimal customer service experience. I hope to see this lessen in the future, however, it isn’t looking promising. We will do our best to minimize wait times. 

While many of the products we carry are manufactured in the US, raw materials and electrical components may be imported. Several of our top-selling brands have their plants in China also. We do make sure that all products are up to the quality standards we expect for you, especially when manufactured overseas. 

If you are looking to host a party, stock up on some sexy gifts,  or secure the items on your wishlist, this is the month to do it! Did you know that our hostesses receive a 10% discount for life?! That alone would offset the tariffs. My hostess last weekend received over $780 worth of products for $125!