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Creating a Fake Commute for Self-Care

9 or 10 months into our work from home world, we have learned that we are resilient. Life changes and so do we. 

While I have worked from home or wherever I lay my head for the past 10 years, that didn’t mean I didn’t drive… A LOT. I live in Southern California. Until it was missing, I didn’t realize how many hours I spent on the road, getting to networking events, meetings, socializing. 

One of the 1st things I realized is that I had so much more time in my day when I wasn’t driving here and there and back. Some people dread the commute, others use it to separate their work life from home life. Working from home has blurred the boundaries of work life balance. Many are working longer days because they are always accessible. What I know to be true is that it is difficult to change rolls quickly, when there is no separation of such rolls. 

In most instances, previous commute minutes have been filled with more work or more giving of yourself to others’ needs. Does this sound familiar? That time in the past was a buffer zone for you. 

What have you filled those commute hours with? Personally, I began a morning yoga routine 2-3x a week. I could justify adding it to my day since I had extra time. And it was also easier to do from home because I wasn’t commuting to a yoga studio.

One thing many working women have told me is that they have no alone time now. And that the only time they have for self-care is in the shower. It’s time to set some boundaries ladies and create a fake commute. 

Mental health professionals agree that it is important to break up your day, between work and home. Set aside “commute” time at least once a day, if not twice. During this time, inform your family that you are not available. Lock yourself in your room, put a note on the door, and take care of you. Yes, I am saying pleasure yourself, even if the kids are in the next room. Trust me, they aren’t paying attention and vibrators (that get you there quickly) are now whisper quiet.

Orgasms keep you healthy, mentally and physically. Feeling stressed? Have an orgasm. Not sleeping well? Have an orgasm. Irritated at the little things? Take some time for self-pleasure. It is the ultimate self-care. 

I also suggest that if you are unable to currently partake in other routine self-care, like hair and nail appointments, the gym, etc. due to shutdowns, that you schedule that time into your calendar and use it for yourself. Go for a walk, a drive, or just sit in your car (provided that you don’t start the car in your closed garage to keep warm.) I promise you will feel so much better!