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A BJ for Your V-Day- Sexy Secrets For Your Valentine’s Whisper

The key to a sexy Valentines Day is a pleasurable blow job for the receiver and the GIVER.

It’s no secret, men love blow jobs. One of the most common complaints I hear from men is that after they enter into a long term relationship or marriage, blow jobs become few and far between. What used to be a fairly regular thing now only happens on holidays and special occasions. 

I used to not enjoy giving blow jobs. It literally felt like a job and not a fun one. It was uncomfortable for me. I have an extremely small mouth and I thought I was lousy at it. Now I love to see my lover’s face when I take him in my mouth, watching his eyes roll back in his head. 

Here are 5 BJ Secrets for a Sexy Valentine’s Day

  1. Use a Flavored Lubricant. Lube makes the job super slippery, which enhances the experience for both the giver and the receiver. Use a lube that is chemical free so that there is no irritation or nasty after-taste. 
  2. The giver has the control. This allows the receiver to lay back and relax while the giver can adjust tempo and movements that are most comfortable. 
  3. Preparation is key. Drinking orange juice prior to the act, opens up the throat. And doing mouth exercises on a regular basis tones the tongue and disarms the gag reflex. 
  4. Use hands. Using your hands adds to the experience and allows coverage for more surface area, including the balls and perineum. The receiver can use their hands to run fingers through the giver’s hair or stroke other body parts.  
  5. Eye contact is sexy. Lock eyes and it increases the heat. (Bonus: A photo taken in this moment will make sure the experience is NEVER forgotten.)

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