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Benefits of Masturbation May

If you know me at all, I preach pleasure and orgasm benefits all the time. I am a walk my talk kinda gal, but sometimes my pleasure interludes aren’t as frequent as I would like. (And please don’t hit me up volunteering to assist me, I’m good.)

I get busy like everyone else. This month I have been fully participating in Masturbation May. Well, I have technically missed 3 days out of 11, but intend to make them up by doubling up. And I’ve noticed some marked improvements in my life.

First of all, I am calmer when dealing with stressful moments at work. Last Friday I was much more on edge than this Friday. And the only difference? I week of O’s.

And I find myself letting things “roll off my back” when I would have normally been bugged. You know, like when my lover sends me a “Hi” message and nothing else. I could have gotten upset and gone off about putting in the bare minimum, etc. lol

Or when a man on Bumble whom I was supposed to meet tomorrow unmatched me after video chats and talking on the phone for over an hour the other night. I hate my time being wasted and IMMATURITY. I know online dating is a sift and sort process and a shit storm, but still human decency should come into play. Unfortunately it doesn’t. For sure it is his loss and I dodged a bullet BUT still it is annoying.

Normally these situations would have gotten under my skin, made me question my worth a bit and humanity. But not this month. I am totally good. I am happy, content, and couldn’t be happier that I didn’t meet an idiot and waste my Sunday afternoon.

Oh… and my skin looks 100% better* than a couple of weeks ago!

Cheers to a Month of Masturbation! 🥂


*My favorite health benefit of orgasms: Orgasms stimulate collagen production to improve the tone and texture of skin, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite! It’s like botox without needles!