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For Your Listening Enjoyment- Recent Podcasts

Each month my goal is to be a podcast guest on at least one podcast. While everyone encourages me to do my own podcast, that seems daunting to me. Most people don’t know this but I am an introvert. Not that that has much to do with having a podcast I guess, but I do see it as time and energy that would take me away from other endeavors.

For now I will stick with being a guest on others’ shows. I enjoy this. I also enjoy doing videos, so that is a form of a podcast. I will try to be better about keeping a regular schedule of Facebook Lives and YouTube content.

A special shoutout to those who host me on their shows. Give them some love and 5-⭐ reviews if you like what you hear!

@B.ellers had me on her revamped podcast The Pelvic Pulse. It was so fun to catch up with Brittney. We met in a coaching group at the beginning of the pandemic and have kept in touch. Fun Fact: When I was at the ISSWSH conference earlier this year, Brittney’s IG was used as an example as being an influencer in pelvic health!

The 2nd podcast that came out this week was a return to The Rich Life podcast with Michelle Cooper. If you missed my 1st episode with her, please check it out here. Michelle runs a highly successful bookkeeping and accounting firm plus she is a money alchemist. Her theories and Money Archetypes have assisted me when I am stuck.

While I am speaking about our new platform for intimacy and sex after breast and genital cancers, Sexy Survivors, I share a wealth of tidbits that you can incorporate into your life today! Please take a listen when you are out on a walk or in your car (that is when I listen to podcasts) and let me know your thoughts below!

And if you are looking for a podcast guest or a speaker/trainer for your next event, send me an email! Please share my info with others so that we can continue to make it a sexy world!

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