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7 Surprising Benefits of Self-Pleasure

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May is International Masturbation Month as well as Mental Health Awareness Month, a great opportunity to make time for yourself, get to know your body, and prioritize your sexual pleasure. 💋

Masturbation is self-care. Despite its numerous benefits, masturbation is still perceived as a “dirty” act to many people, especially individuals with conservative beliefs. In fact, masturbation actually has good benefits for your health, both physically and mentally. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of masturbation to one’s mental health. ✨

Benefits of Masturbation to Your Mental Health

1. It improves sleep quality.

A common symptom that people experience from certain mental health conditions is sleeping difficulty. If you’ve been going through something, you’ve probably found yourself tossing and turning all night, frustrated about not being able to sleep. There are tons of products that can help you with this symptom. But if you want a simple and safe temporary solution, try going for self-pleasure. You see, orgasms have been known to be a natural sleeping aid. As the feel-good hormones get released during an orgasm, your mental state becomes more relaxed and somewhat warmed up for a good night’s sleep.

Numerous studies have also backed up this claim, one of which is a 2016 study from Central Queensland University named “Sex as Sleep Therapy.” After conducting the study, which involved 460 adult participants, they found out that 64% of the participants have better sleep quality after sex, especially if they’ve reached climax. There’s also a 2019 study published in the National Library of Medicine regarding this benefit. According to this study: “Orgasms with a partner were associated with the perception of favorable sleep outcomes; however, orgasms achieved through masturbation (self-stimulation) were associated with the perception of better sleep quality and latency.”

2. It boosts your mood.

According to numerous reports, orgasms from masturbation and other sexual activities can trigger the release of feel-good hormones and chemicals. It includes dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, prolactin, adrenaline, and endocannabinoids. Most of these hormones are involved in the brain’s pleasure reward center, bringing satisfaction, happiness, and reduced stress once you’ve tapped them out. So if you ever feel that blissful satisfaction after a steamy solo play, don’t forget to thank your trusty hormones for giving that sweet release.

3. It empowers your sexual self and improves body image.

Touching yourself is a fun and natural way of exploring your body. It takes you on a blissful trip down your erogenous zones and lets you learn about the things you desire in bed. By masturbating regularly, you become more in tune with your body and become fully aware of your preferences. It then leads to sexual empowerment, as you become more in control of your sensual self. This is why masturbation is essential; it’s a crucial part of learning about your body. The more knowledgeable you are with your sexual self, the more confident you become in the bedroom. Not only that, but masturbation also helps you have a more positive perception of your body. As your body brings pleasure, you become more appreciative of it. So go ahead, unleash that fun and sexy self through solo plays!

4. It reduces stress and anxiety.

As we’ve mentioned above, orgasms from masturbation can unlock certain feel-good hormones. One of them is oxytocin which is also known as the “love” hormone. Now, this particular hormone isn’t just giving positive physiological effects and supporting behaviors associated with happiness; its presence also lowers the level of your cortisol, a hormone associated with high stress. This is why you feel calm and relaxed after touching yourself. Whenever you’re orgasming, your mind is easing off the stress hormone and bringing in the feel-good ones. So if you’re feeling a bit stressed out or anxious with something, maybe a quick solo play may do the trick.

5. It improves focus and concentration.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, an orgasm releases a set of feel-good hormones. Now, these chemicals aren’t just responsible for boosting one’s mood. Some of them, particularly dopamine and endocannabinoids, are also involved in motivation, learning, and memory. So after reaching that euphoric peak, your mind may feel sharper than before. This can then lead to improved focus and concentration.

6. It improves self-esteem.

Did you know that masturbating can leave a positive impact on your self-esteem? Yes, you’ve read that right. In fact, it’s actually considered to be one of the key benefits of masturbation. As we’ve mentioned, a certain set of hormones gets released after orgasming. Some of the chemicals released are responsible for boosting your confidence, such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. These hormones elevate your drive, increase your optimism, and provide self-satisfaction.

7. It makes you physically and mentally relaxed.

Ever had those days where everything seems overwhelming? You have tons of stuff just rummaging through your head, and you feel sooooo anxious and hopeless about it? If you want a quick way to calm your mind, you may want to consider self-pleasure. There are online testimonies, such as this online forum, saying how masturbation has helped ease their anxiety symptoms. According to them, it enables them to become more present with the moment and calm their nerves. Now, there are some cases wherein masturbation can cause anxiety (due to the stigma of the said act). If you’re not comfortable masturbating while experiencing anxiety symptoms, it’s best to refrain from it and instead seek support from family, friends, or a professional counselor.

Now that you’ve learned the different mental health benefits of masturbation, we hope you feel more engaged with self-pleasure. Trust us, solo plays are beneficial to your mind and body.

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