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Archer BowChair Sex Chair Rental


Experience Superior Sexual Satisfaction! The Archer Bowchair is a handcrafted bouncing sex chair so unique that not only is the design patented (D793,109), but the function is also utility patent pending. Originally designed to provide relief to women suffering from problems associated with female sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor disorders during sexual intercourse, the rebounding carbon fiber leaf springs and elastic frame components, coupled with a shape that caresses the human form, is enjoyable and exhilarating for all.​

All Bowchair sex chairs are handmade by master furniture designer, Bob Kaczmarek and customized to your specifications. The base is aluminum or beautiful, hand-crafted wood.

Wood Options: Red Oak, Heartwood Walnut, “Live Edge” Cherry, Heartwood Cherry, “Live Edge” Walnut, Heartwood Ash, Sapwood Ash, Mahogany, Steamed Walnut, and All Weather Marine. Bob will can also source specialized reclaimed woods and finished to match your decor.

A multitude of Leather (private jet interior quality), Vegan Faux Leather and All Weather Marine seats available. Additional customizations include: Dildo Bar, Handlebar and Bondage Rings, Saddle Stirrups, Outrigger Bars, Spring strength and weight.

Of all mattresses, innerspring are the most preferred for intimate activity. Why?
Bounce! That’s why. (Memory Foam may be killing your sex life).
The rebounding effect of springs allow you to create a consistent rhythm that works for you, not against you. The Archer brings the same rebounding action to a stylish chair capable of supporting two grown adults.

(See Diagram in Gallery) The two rear leaf springs allow the chair to flex and bounce back in any direction (X-Y & Z) with the greatest degree of travel in the vertical axis at approximately 3″. The side rails (1) offer extra rebounding forces at the front re-curve (Z2) and the center contour (X2). These motions combine for a cyclical rhythm that’s not only extremely pleasurable, it’s addictive! The wide stance of the rubber footed crossbars (3), and adjustable tension webbing (4) allows you to feel stable and secure while the adjustable pillow (5) provides customized support.


The Love Story…

(We love products with stories behind them)
Lisa, like so many other women, finds it much easier and more fulfilling to orgasm when she is on top and in control of the action, but sore joints from years of high-impact sports in her youth and a pelvic floor disorder as a result of childbirth made this goal difficult, and at times impossible to reach.
Lisa needed was something that would:
Reduce the stress on her knees and hips.
Allow different pelvic angles to be maintained with ease and precision.
Minimize the contractions required of the dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles, especially on the up-stroke.
Additionally she also placed these restraints on the design:
It had to not look like a “sex chair” and blend in with our household decor so spontaneity was never hindered.
It had to be small and light enough to easily be re-positioned or moved.
Being an eccentric custom furniture maker and artisan with over 30 years of fabrication experience plus 10 years of working for the engineering and consulting division of a major United States steel company, Bob accepted the challenge and got to work in his studio. Two years of design, experimentation, and prototypes later, the Archer was born at a svelte 23 pounds 12 ounces. The chair was so helpful, and they had so much fun using it, that Lisa and Bob knew we needed to share the Archer BowChair with the world.

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