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Basic Suede and Leather Floggers by Stockroom


These soft leather and suede floggers are beautiful and sensual.  Made from fine, moderately-heavy, black suede or leather.

24″ is a great item for beginners who may not yet want to commit to the expense of a higher-end flogger, but don’t underestimate the potential of 24 suede blades. Falls length 18.5″, handle length 5.5″, and the wrist loop is 6″.

18″ is a shorter version of our 24″ Suede Flogger Whip. It has 32 strands (or “blades”) that are ¼” wide, 12” long, and come to a nice point at the tips. The overall length of the flogger is 18″ and features a 5½” handle is fitted with an 8” leather wrist loop for hanging the implement.

Don’t think just because it’s small it can’t deliver. This is a good practicing implement.

Note: This item is produced in-house by the Stockroom leather team in Los Angeles. Each item is made to order and may take an extra few days.

As seen on Netflix’s “How to Build a Sex Room”

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