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Eye of Love Natural Pheromone Hair Oil 30ml – Attract Him


Immerse in the wonderful world of pheromone-infused Hair Oil designed to attract men. Inspired by the emotion itself, Eye of Love’s Hair Oil will make them fall in love again and again.

Eye of Love’s Natural Pheromone Hair Oil provides protective, nourishing, and detoxifying effects to damaged hair, improves blood circulation which further promotes hair growth, coating around the hair shaft which prevents from harmful rays of the sun.

Weightlessly cleanses fine hair, protects color and leaves hair tangle-free. Restores shiny, hydrated ends. It contains all the necessary nutrients that are required to provide hair with the right nourishment and conditioning.

Specially formulated for those who desire to increase the love, intimacy, and romance with their partner – this signature oil not only will take care of hair, but will help enhance the connection between souls as well.


Eye of Love


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