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Fuze 10 Tango Real Double Dildo


The Fuze Tango Real Double Dildo is a fantastic new model combining all of the best features of the original vibe compatible double-ended dildo and an ultra realistic shaft. A bullet vibe can be added to give additional sensation to both the wearer and the receiver.

The smart design perfectly follows the natural contours of your body. The bulb is angled gently forward for G-Spot stimulation. The shaft is sculpted with amazing detail, so the path of every vein can be traced and every muscle seen beneath the skin. The amazing FUZE 10 silicone the most life-like silicone ever with a wonderful feel and flexibility. This makes it even easier to associate the Tango Real as a part of your own body rather than as a separate toy.

The FUZE TEN silicone Tango Real reaches its full potential when it is partnered with a harness.

Bulb end: 1 5/8” X 4 1/2” and Insertable end: 1 3/8” X 6 3/4” (two sizes are quoted as the Tango is a double-ender) Velvet Finish

Featured on Ruby Ryder’s Pegging Paradise.

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