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Glyde Organic Flavored Condoms


The first condom made with a proprietary plant-based formula of thistle extract and natural rubber latex, using Glyde’s patented ‘double dipping’ technology for extra sheerness with complete reliability. Crafted for performance and comfort, Glyde flavored condoms deliver a sensational experience to both partners. You’ll notice the difference. The Glyde Ultra Flavored Condom(Standard-fit) is sized medium to fit most men. 53mm.

Crafted for performance and comfort, Glyde delivers a sensational experience to both partners. Glyde Ultra Organic flavored condoms are made with natural organic fruit and plant extracts-no sugar or chemicals added-and our exclusive patented technology for ultra sheer and extra reliable performance. Tastes like juicy, with no aftertaste or artificial flavor!

Great for safe blow jobs with easy clean-up.

4pk individual condoms are single flavor
10-pk Includes organic flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla, Wildberry, Blueberry, Licorice

Ingredients: Made with sustainably harvested natural rubber, chemical-free, organic food-grade flavoring, certified ethical, vegan & Fair Trade

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