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Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators


The Intimate Rose Vaginal Dilators support symptoms related to vaginismus and offers a pathway to reclaiming your health, relationships and overall well-being. These vaginal dilators are excellent tools to gradually increase insertion capabilities for vaginal atrophy after cancer treatment, menopause, lack of intercourse/insertion, etc.

The full set of vaginal dilators is 8 sizes carefully designed to offer a gradual, gentle increase in dilator training, making your journey smoother and less daunting both physically and mentally. Always use a high-quality lubricant when dilating.

Small Set – Sizes 1-4

Medium Set – Sizes 3-6

Large Set- Sizes 5-8

For a larger range of reach and motion, add a dilator handle. Warming the dilators will help them to feel more realistic and also relax the vaginal tissue for receiving.

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