Bed Bondage Restraint System by Sportsheets

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Tie me up! Tie me down! Transform your bed into a passionate bondage playground with this under-the-mattress bed-binding restraint set. Experience the thrill of bondage and role play. By taking away the ability of touch with light restraints can heighten other senses.

Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure. Restraint straps your partners arms or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel-sized. This kit contains: 4 Nylon tethers, 2 removable hand cuffs, 2 removable leg cuffs which slide between the mattress and box springs to securely attach without the need of a headboard. Tethers can easily be tucked away for discretion. Cuffs adjust from 4 – 12 inches.




1 review for Bed Bondage Restraint System by Sportsheets

  1. Angelica

    I surprised my husband with this product, FUN! We’ve used only one cuff but I like the flexibility and options of using all of them. I also like it because we can tuck the cuffs under the mattress and the kids will never see it.

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