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Ohnut is the first intimate wearable product designed to be stackable and customizable, allowing you to control how deep penetration goes. Many people have pain upon penetration. The Ohnut provides a cushion that is stackable to customize the length of the penis, dildo, or other toy that is inserted into the vaginal or anal canal. Ohnut is a squishy wearable that sits at the base of the penis, finger or toy, controlling depth, like a bumper. Set of 3. Set it, forget it, and play. Item Diameter 2.25 Item Height 5.25

Now available in Wide for people in the larger circumference department, or for those who want a looser fit. See below for sizing recommendations.

  • Comes with 4 soft, stackable rings, a travel pouch, and clever conversation starters
  • Wider Ohnut width stretches 12in, and the unstretched height of 4 rings is 2¾in (7cm) tall
  • Made of an FDA-approved, body-safe polymer. BPA-, phthalate-, silicone-, and latex-free

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