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Online Intimacy Courses


Our new tantalizing selection of online intimacy classes improve your skills, knowledge, and prowess.

These intimate classes are hosted on a secure online platform. They are in video form and available for you to watch at anytime, over and over.

O’s You Should Know- Learn about the multiple types of orgasms you can achieve. hint…. it is over 10. I am not kidding!

Back End Basiques: The ins and outs of anal pleasure. From preparation to clean-up, you will learn how to safely and comfortably engage in booty play.

Orgasm Basiques: Mind-Blowing Orgasms embody a variety of factors. This course will teach basic anatomy and the 3 main components to achieve explosive climaxing, the emotional, physical and biological.

The Power of Self-Pleasure: Learn how “you time” increases confidence, sexual prowess, and abundance in life!

Libido Lifeline, Reigniting Desire: Rekindle the flames of desire and revitalize your passion for intimacy. This course is your pathway to rediscovering the vibrant and fulfilling sexual life you deserve. Understand the factors that influence desire and equips you with practical tools and strategies to reignite your passion for intimacy.

Mastering Intimate Excellence: Become the best lover possible. Tap into sexpert Tiffany’s mastery in the bedroom. She will share the skills that has garnered during years of research and encounters. 

Navigating Menopause: Menopause affects more than just the woman going through the change. This course is for the partners wanting to understand what is happening with the love of their lives.

Orally Speaking: Couture blow job class designed for givers to enjoy the experience. Learn the 5 P’s of Pleasure and how to blow your partner away with your new skills.

Pegging and Prostate Pleasure: The male prostate is equivalent of the female g-spot. Learn how men can experience whole body orgasms, improve health, and orgasm without penile stimulation. Flip the roles in the bedroom for some added fun.

Sexy Survivors: Accepting changes in your body as a Survivor can be a challenge. Learn to love your body and reintroduce intimacy back into your life after Cancer treatment.

Titillating Touch: Connect with your partner through intimate touch and communication. Varying touch techniques can reinvigorate a relationship. Guide your partner to touch you how you like to be touched.

The G-Spot and Squirting: Learn how to access and stimulate the G-spot, the truth about squirting, and some other little know areas of the vag. This is a great education for all genders!

Male Vitality: Explore  men’s sexual health and function. Understand the  psychological, biological and physical components of your body when it isn’t matching your desires. Learn new and alternative ways to boost your intimate confidence and please your partner.

These digital courses are currently in production. You will be notified as soon as your classes are available for watching!

Once the courses are online, you will receive a login from Kajabi/Tiffany Yelverton for the online portal to view and watch your library of courses, at your convenience.

When purchasing the 10-pack, you will be sent information to choose your classes. They do not all have to be decided at once

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