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Phallix Golden Rotary Glass Wand

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The Golden Rotary Glass Wand is one of our original luxury dildos. This glass dildo is designed and interwoven with 24k gold, each of the unique textures titillates the vaginal walls and nerve endings of the vulva.

7″ long clear smooth multi-textured 24 karat gold fumed Pyrex shaft with a double ball handle and an interesting textured “juicer”  head. The solid shaft has both ribs and spiral wrapping, which add approx. 1/4 inch to the shaft and are colored by a real 24 karat gold fuming process. The gold is in the glass so it will never fade or wear off and it’s completely safe. The signature style head is approx. 1/4 inch larger in diameter and the handle balls vary in size normally 1/4 inch larger in diameter as well.

100% Hand Blown Functional Erotic Glass Dildo Art, Medical Grade Pyrex Glass. 100% Safe, Hypoallergenic & often recommended by doctors to curb cross contamination associated with traditional materials.

All Phallix glass dildos are tempered for high durability & when properly cared for will last a lifetime. Colors won’t fade or bleed & they’re dishwasher safe! There are a number of other glass dildos appearing on the market of dubious origin. There is a potential safety issue if they are not manufactured to exacting standards with the right quality material as exemplified by Phallix. Made in the USA.

Great for temperature play- can be heated up or cooled down.  Do not microwave.

2 reviews for Phallix Golden Rotary Glass Wand

  1. Tiffany

    This is a product that I owned prior to beginning Entice Me. I had always wanted to try glass, as I had seen them on HBO’s Real Sex. I was so impressed with the beauty and the feel of the ridges, pleasure dots, and tip. This item has a cool sensation and warms quickly to the body. The ridgetity of the item makes it super hot! It is one of my favorite items. When I need extra stimulation, I add a clitoral vibe, like the Lelo Lily or a simple Power Bullet.

  2. Angelica

    The design and the look of this glass toy was beautiful and intriguing. I’ve had a great time with my partner. When you change the temperature and twist and spin the glass there is an amazing feeling. Two thumbs up!!!

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