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Rosebud Woman The Ritual: The Complete Set


The Ritual Complete Set contains one of each of our full-sized flagship formulations, contained in a limited edition embroidered canvas pouch. Each item is created to nurture and care for the common needs of the tender skin of the vulva and labia, yet can be used on the entire body.

Honor: Everyday Balm. Our flagship product helps to heal, repair, and moisturize skin. It applies like a balm and converts to a light slip, perfect for self-massage. Made with Bisabolol and adaptogens, Honor is recommended for daily use. Put it on the nightstand, and apply to the pelvic basin in gentle massaging motions, then to the outer and inner labia, and leave on overnight. It can also be used after the shower, or before exercise, or anytime friction is likely.

Soothe Calming Cream. Open the tube and put a little on your hand, and ooh and ahh at the richness of its texture. Formulated with Arnica, Calendula, Comfrey, and other herbs that will calm redness and swelling, Soothe cools overheated skin.

Arouse: Stimulating Serum. After you open the bottle, drop a little on your fingertips, and test it on your lips. For most women, the combination of Buzz Buttons and Pepper, along with the traditional aphrodisiacs and adaptogens Damiana, Maca, Ashwagandha, and Suma provide a little plumping and tingle, and you might even salivate, some people say it feels like little champagne bubbles popping in your mouth. Moreover, this product is designed to build over time. Use Arouse daily for the general health of the skin, or in sensual play.

Refresh: Cleansing Wipes.  This toner and cleanser have just enough tea tree and lavender (and a touch of hydrogen peroxide) to keep unwanted or excess bacteria out of your vaginome. It’s delivered in a good-feeling base of soothing witch hazel, aloe, and purified water – perfect to take on the go. Use after exercise, or after sex, or anytime cleansing is desired.

Self-care, self-love, reverence for the feminine, more joy, less suffering.





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