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LifeStyles Skyn Non-Latex Condoms


Skyn Non-latex condoms are soft, comfortable and incredibly sensitive. If you ever wanted to join a revolution, now’s your chance.

Made from SKYNFEEL™, a non-latex soft material that you’ll find barely noticeable but as strong as premium latex. Ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity. Manufactured in a latex-free facility and made of Polyisoprene.

Skyn Original non-latex condoms are 53mm, straight shape with reservoir end.
Skyn Elite non-latex condoms are 20% thinner than Skyn original condoms to give you the sensation of skin-to-skin contact.
Skyn Large non-latex condoms are longer and wider for a comfortable fit. 56mm.

*Lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant (we are unable to verify the lubricant ingredients and do not guarantee that it does not contain ingredients on our Yuck List) We offer these for those allergic to latex and for those who use oil-based lubricants like Sex Butter and Ah! Yes

Elite non-latex condoms are available in 3 or 10 pak.
Original and Large non-latex condoms are available in 3 or 12 pak.

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