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Spareparts Sasha Panty Harness

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One part femme, two parts fatale…Sasha Couture Harness Lingerie is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy! Ready to go with no buckles or adjusting necessary, this gorgeous pair of booty shorts is made from the highest quality nylon and spandex offering a smooth and sexy streamlined appearance across the hips that rivals any pair of panties in your drawer. Beautiful adjustable ribbon accents on the sides offer a smooth silhouette or super sexy ruching with just a simple pull. A center seam that accents that backside offers sexy ruching on the tush accentuating your beautiful booty!

Strong yet flexible O-Ring accommodates small, large and double dildos easily. Internal mini bullet vibe pockets allow for additional sensation for you and your partner
Two internal panels offer wearer a covered dil base or full contact with the body
Lightweight and breathable for extended wear making Sasha perfect for spur-of-the-moment play
Machine washable and water friendly
SpareParts HardWear™ creates beautiful and stylish harnesses which are versatile and suitable for a variety of uses and types of functionality. These harnesses are fashionable, sexy AND comfortable. Once you have tried a SpareParts HardWear™ harness, it will be the only one you will ever need.

Measurements at low waist/high hip.
XS: 26″-28″
S: 29″-32″
M: 33″-37″
L: 38″-40″
XL: 41″-44″
2X: 45″-48″
3X: 49″-52″

Choose your harness size based on both your actual body measurements and body shape, not based on your typical pant or jean size, which varies significantly between brands, designs, and cuts. Please don’t skip this step: the right size harness will give you the most comfort and support, and will always look better than a size that’s just “almost right.”


  1. Get your lower waist/hip measurement. Wrap a measuring tape around your waist, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) below your pelvic bone. Mark the number where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself.
  2. Use that measurement, as well as your body shape, to determine your size.  Sasha and Bella perform best when your body fills out the harness, so choosing the right size is crucial. You should take your body shape into account before selecting a size. To do so, think of your body in terms of moon phases:

FULL MOON bodies have beautiful, fuller curves. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a half-moon shape in rear, and a quarter to half-moon shape in front, where the stomach is. If you have a full moon shape…choose the next size up.

THREE-QUARTER MOON bodies have a balance of curves and planes. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a quarter-moon shape in front and a half-moon shape in rear, or a a flatter front stomach area and a fuller three quarter-moon in rear. This body shape typically has a fuller butt and, sometimes, wider hips. If you have a three-quarter moon shape…choose the next size up.

HALF-MOON bodies are curvier in rear, flatter in front. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a half-moon shape in rear. If you have a half-moon shape…stay to the size chart.

QUARTER /CRESCENT MOON bodies have gentler, less pronounced curves in rear. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a quarter (or crescent) shape sloping from the tailbone to the top of the thigh. If you have a quarter/crescent moon shape…choose the next size down. If you have a quarter/crescent moon shape in rear, BUT a quarter to full-moon curve in front, at the stomach. In that case, stay to the size chart.

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2 reviews for Spareparts Sasha Panty Harness

  1. Deak Childress

    We LOVE it.

  2. Ruby Ryder

    This is one of the best harnesses to hold in a double dildo. Also – it’s SO feminine with the garters, and that seam up the back makes my butt look amazing!

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