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Tantus Super Soft Cock Ring

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A cock-ring holds the testicles down and keeps the testes from contracting thus slowing down ejaculation. The constriction takes orgasm from about 6 seconds to up to 45 seconds.

The Tantus Super Soft C-ring is a redesigned version of the classic cock ring. Apply lube to the inside of the ring then ease one testicle through at a time before finally pulling your penis through. Assorted Colors.




1 review for Tantus Super Soft Cock Ring

  1. DuckyPhil

    Well, this C-ring is a major improvement over a fat O-ring I had previously used. Very comfortable for long term wear. I am average sized in the male parts department, and it is the perfect size. Since it is very soft and easily stretchable, I can actually put both balls through at the same time before pulling my cock through the ring. The O-ring required that I pull one ball through at a time since it was much more rigid plastic. Guys with big balls might need to pull one ball through at a time, but most guys should be able to easily stretch it over both balls at once, making it very quick and easy to install. So if you are fairly average sized, buy with confidence that it will work well.

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