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Tenga 3D Masturbation Sleeve


Pursuing exquisite design in male pleasure products, the Tenga 3D  Masturbation sleeve offers unique sensations that are sure to excite. The Tenga 3D Masturbator welcomes anyone to challenge the norm and enhance your pleasure beyond imagination. The ergonomic design and the tight fit that really intensifies his pleasure whether he’s playing solo or including a partner.

They are beautiful to display, exciting to use, and easy to clean. Simply flip inside out, so that the texture is on the inside, apply some water-based lube then slip inside and grip your member. Perfect for enhancing masturbation and foreplay, this sleeve couldn’t be easier to use. Sensationally satisfying, this masturbation sleeve quickly builds you to a powerful climax.

Afterwards, flip back and rinse with hot water and replace onto the enclosed drying stand.

The Polygon is the ultimate in silky embrace. Just lightly textured for a simply smooth feel, Polygon will stun you with every turn. With just slightly different feelings at each new angle and edge, Polygon emulates a realistic and very pleasurable touch.

The Spiral is a luxurious path of twisting curves, the Spiral is an adventure through swirling pleasurable trails. Perfect for fans of lightly ribbed or textured toys, squeeze Spiral for desired tightness and whirling feeling. The Spiral masturbation sleeve is modeled on a hexagon and this gives it plenty of stimulating twists, deep ridges and spiraling waves that work their magic.

Pile is tight and super-flexible, with a geometric mash of triangles for intense pleasure with every stroke.  Over 100 individual triangles make up the incredible texture of this unique male masturbator.

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