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The Guide to Getting it On 10th Edition


The Guide to Getting It On continues to earn its place as America’s most up-to-date and informative book about sex. Written with the goal of offering updated and up to the minute information for today’s young adults written specifically for them, this updated classic is a must have for any sexual information library or staff library! The 10th edition has taken the Guide To Getting It On with a new beast to slay- electronics.

From the latest findings about female orgasms to an amazing chapter on consent, this book was written to help crush it in bed. This edition expands on how watching porn since middle school has impacted today’s young adults, and how phones are making it more difficult rather than easier to talk to a partner about sex. Tons of chapters of nearly everything a person needs to know about sex is enhanced with informative illustrations and conversational language–making sex education interesting and fun. 624 pages of fun and education.

If you prefer to get it via Amazon, here is the link: 

It is available on Kindle but I highly suggest the physical version.

This is my preferred version but it is out of print. Occasionally it becomes available.


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