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Yoni Steaming Kit


The Yoni Steaming kit includes The perfect seat for vaginal steaming and our organic blend of feminine herbs created specifically for the yoni. Vaginal steaming is an ancient tradition where a women uses an herbal blend to create an aromatic steam that permeates the outer area of her vagina. The herbs nourish a women’s most sacred space and body in numerous ways by strengthening the womb & uterus, cleansing, detoxifying and helps maintain feminine health. Each batch has been energetically crystal charged.

Ingredients: Rose Petals, Hibiscus Flowers, Basil flowers, Chamomile, Calendula, Lemongrass, Yarrow
For external use only. Steam 1/2cup of herbs to 8 cups of water. Set up a relaxing area for steaming and enjoy the many benefits involved! Steam once a month after your moon cycle.

Do not use yoni steams while pregnant or think you may be pregnant.

We do not recommend using yoni steams while on your menstrual cycle.

Do not use yoni steams if you have any open wounds.

Do not use yoni steams if you have any medical conditions.

The perfect seat to experience vaginal steaming is here! This yoni steaming seat is compact, portable and easy to use.

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