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Sexy Secret #2 for Insane Confidence

Continuing with the 5 Sexy Secrets to Insane Confidence, Sexy Secret #2 is to STAND TALL AND EMBRACE YOUR BODY.

A power pose, like the Wonder Woman pose, raising your hands above your head, or even sitting up tall can induce positive hormonal and behavioral changes, and feelings of confidence and outward appearance. An expansive stance vs. a recoiled stance shows positive body image that attracts others. Confidence is sexy not matter what size you are.  A question I often ask is, “what is the sexiest thing about you?” It is so hard for many women to answer. We don’t see our own power and beauty, where others do. The little things that bother you about your body will disappear when you are more pleasured.

Men assume they are awesome and women doubt themselves. We can see this when accepting compliments from others. We, as women, should accept them, gracefully, without justification or rolling our eyes. Think about how men react to a compliment or even when they look in the mirror. They own their bodies and say thank you to compliments while puffing out their chests. Women are self-conscious and tend to shrug off compliments. For example I often hear women being complimented on an articles of clothing. Instead of graciously accepting the compliment, they downplay it, by saying something to the affect of, “this old thing.”

When evaluating themselves, men consistently score themselves 30% better than they actually are. HP recently found that men will apply for an upper management position if they meet just 60% of the qualifications, where women will only apply if they meet 100% of the requirements. This is one reason they have found there are less women in management rolls. I know I have found this with women I know. I had a friend who was job hunting. She was reluctant to apply for a position that required her to have had a title that she did not have, even though she had more than the qualifications. It was interesting to see, first hand. I believe most men would have said, “I’ve done that,” and not questioned the listed title.

I encourage you to stand tall, embrace your gifts, and go for what you want!