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Sexy Secret #3 for Insane Confidence

My 3rd  Sexy Secret to Insane Confidence is to wear beautiful undergarments under your clothes. Only you know what is there, but it improves how you hold yourself and how you feel. It is that little Je ne sais quoi that French women know. French women spend thousands of dollars on beautiful lingerie, just for themselves. No one else ever needs to see it, but a little peek of lace at the decollete or the sheerness of a blouse, is sexy. The workplace has gone from overly sexualizing women in the 1960’s to severely de-feminizing women in the 1980’s and beyond. It shows in our clothes and our posture.

Our lives are busy, and it is a balancing act. It is often difficult to be powerful in the workplace and then come home and switch on your feminine side, so try being a little more sexy at work. When I worked in a corporate environment, I had to wear  a boring, androgynous suit, in male dominated field. I never felt sexy. The policy was that, as women, we could not have more than the top button undone on our dress shirts. It was very difficult to come home and step into my feminine, whether I just wanted to be my authentic self, or if I was going to go out on a date. I find that this often is the case with powerful women.

Give yourself permission to be your feminine self, everywhere you go. Wear clothes that make you feel good and zcomplement your body type. Don’t care what other people think. Men don’t concern themselves if their pants are too tight or shirt is unbuttoned too low.  Where women often tell me that they tell don’t feel comfortable wearing something feminine because they are concerned that they will be viewed as not smart or getting to the position by a precarious way. Major General Jessica Wright, one of the most senior ranking women in the US military, suggests enjoying getting your hair and nails done. She says, “just because you work in a man’s world, doesn’t mean you have to look like them.”

And this doesn’t just pertain to women. Men, what do your underwear look like? Are they tattered or faded? Is your undershirt discolored or does it have holes? If so, invest in some sexy, new boxer briefs that accentuate your manhood. You don’t have to have a body like Mark Wahlberg to turn some heads. I guarantee you will feel better, at work and on dates.