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Sexy Secret #1 for Insane Confidence

Over the past 15 years, sex in America has declined 22%. Stress, devices, busier lives all contribute to this decline. When we are closed down sexually, we aren’t living our lives fully and are compromising or settling for less. As women, we often put ourselves after everyone else and if we don’t, we feel selfish. I coach women to put themselves first so that they can be better at everything else they do. A better wife, a better mother, a better leader, a better business owner, a better boss, a better employee.

I work with both men and women. Most men tell me they self-pleasure at least once a day whether in a relationship or not. Where women tell me they don’t self-pleasure when in a relationship, because they are concerned that her partner will feel left out. Have courage to have more pleasure and live your life. You are worth it.

In this blog series, I will be sharing my top 5 tips for insane confidence. They are sexy and provocative!

My 1st tip is to Put Yourself First. Light a candle, take a bath and indulge yourself in a self-massage. That special oil or lotion, you’ve been saving? Use it on yourself and get in touch with all areas of your body. We are deeply devoid of skin contact in our digital world. Taking time for you, is self-care. When you put yourself 1st, you are better at everything you do. It will help you learn more about your body. When you learn what makes you really satisfied, it makes it easier for you to orgasm, to share what you like with a partner, and ask for what you want in the bedroom. That confidence will carry over and you will start to ask for things in other parts of your life. When we have an orgasm, oxytocin is released into our system. Oxytocin is known as “The Cuddle Chemical”. When we have sex with a partner, oxytocin creates the bond between 2 people. When we create our own orgasm, during self-pleasure, the oxytocin stays in our system and creates self-love. This is why self-pleasure is so key to positive body-image.  It helps us feel sexier and more confident.  Plus the healthy sex glow is not a myth. Oxytocin and the endorphins released at climax, increase blood flow and collagen production for better skin tone, texture, less wrinkles and cellulite. Like Botox without the needles. A study showed that people who self-pleasure 4x/wk vs. 1x per week earned 3.2 % more money.  People are attracted to highly sexual people, so I encourage my clients to self-pleasure before going into a sales presentation, job interview, salary negotiation, or even going on stage.