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A Big Box of Dildos

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is, “How will my order be packaged?” 

I am here to assure you that discretion is a top shipping priority at Entice Me. I want all of our valued customers to know that we think of you, during all steps of the sales and shipping process. 

First, when paying by credit card, the description on your statement will be, depending on processor, Tiffany Yelverton (me, the founder) or EMS (Entice Me Soirees.) I believe it is also EMS through PayPal. 

When your order ships, it is packaged in a USPS Priority Mailing Box or plain brown or white box. It is important to us to be as green as possible, so we recycle boxes that we receive merchandise in. However, any wording/old labels are covered with white stickers. Entice Me also reuses packing materials, so the “packing fluff” may vary from order to order. 

The return address on the shipping label is from, “Shipping Department” and our address in Long Beach, CA. Occasionally, we ship orders direct from one of our distributors, so the return address may vary slightly. 

Most orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which is 2-3 day delivery to most US locations, from California. 

Shipping Time Frames

We ship orders as soon as possible. Our company utilizes as many small producers as possible, to support other business owners. The specially curated line is sourced from a variety of locations and we appreciate your patience when ordering. We attempt to keep our best selling items on hand at all times, and other items are usually received by us in 2-3 days and then packaged and shipped within about 1-2 days. Our busiest shipping days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Most orders will be shipped/received in 10 business days to 2 weeks. If you are in need of faster service, please let us know and we will accommodate the best that we are able.


Some of our product lines are made to order, such as Liberator, Fuze, and Aslan Leather. Fuze and Aslan are made and shipped from Canada and can take additional time. Liberator is generally an additional week, compared to other items. We sell a lot of Fuze and Aslan and keep inventory in stock, however it sells fast and at times we will be awaiting shipments from Canada, which with customs, can be an unknown. 

International Shipping

We ship internationally and rates are very high right now. It is a current priority to find alternative shipping options that are more affordable. As we continue to grow, we are able to better serve our customers world wide. 

In conclusion, your order will not arrive in a big neon box with flashing stickers of “Dildos R U” covering the outside. We continue to grow and improve our processes. With continued customer support and upcoming funding drives, we will have more stock on hand and the ability to ship with quicker turn around times. Amazon, we are not, and we don’t want to be. Entice Me will always vet each product and manufacturer, so that every product we sell is authentic and brand new. 

Please comment below on your purchase/shipping experience with Entice Me.