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Life’s Lubricant-Stress and the Sex Connection

When sex is going well, everything else in life is smoother. I talk a lot about sex and orgasms. I love sex, it is transcending. But more, I love what it does for every part of our lives.  The chemicals released during sex give us confidence. Sex lowers stress, which in itself provides a myriad of health benefits including reduction of heart disease.  We perform better, we look better, we feel more attractive. We make more money. We are our best selves.

When I tell people this, they look at me funny then, as the wheels turn in their heads recalling a time when their sex life was off the hook, smile slyly and nod their head. Take a minute to think about that. Think about when sex was really good in your life. That could be really connected self-time, with a lover, or in a relationship. How was everything else in life at that time? This is a key component to my Sex and Money talk. Sex is life’s lubricant. When sex is good, everything else in life is much smoother. All those little irritants, stressors, and agitations don’t matter as much.

I call it The Dishwasher Effect. When sex is fantastic, no one is concerned with if the dishwasher is emptied, if the forks are loaded in the basket upside down or handle up, there is no nagging about the trash being taken out. The everyday things that grate the nerves are lessened. Life is good. Oxytocin is flying through the air, so to speak. We smile, feel like skipping around, and we are nicer. This creates a ripple effect in the world. 

Over the years I have had life stress, as everyone does. If I continue to self-pleasure, and have sex (if the stars align) my attitude remains hopeful and light. When I don’t take time for me, I dig into a hole and cannot get out of my funk. Sometimes it takes all my energy to do it, but I am always glad I did. It is important for me to put my needs first, so that I can continue to be there for others. And of course Make it a Sexier World. 

Please comment below on what has gone great in your life when sex is plentiful. Please share this post with others and use my hashtag #orgasmsforpeace!