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High Heel Hack Spray


Do you love wearing sexy high heels? But hate the pain? I have the high heel hack for you!

Bare with me here.

Ride Rock Delay Spray by Sliquid is a benzocaine based male desensitizer, which was created to enhance men’s stamina and prolong the joys of intimate relations. BUT, I have a favorite alternative use. This product is my go-to high heel hack!

Ride Rock is created with an amazing 7.5% benzocaine, which makes it an extremely fast acting topical desensitizer. Simply spray on your toes and the soles of your feet before putting on your shoes. The spray numbs your feet just enough to allow you to wear high heels, pain-free, and still feel your feet. I find that I can walk and stand pain-free for 3-5 hours before reapplying (not a medical claim.)

Bottle is TSA approved non-aerosol and tiny enough to put in your evening bag!

Water based
100% Vegan friendly
Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
Formulated with 7.5% benzocaine
Non-staining and unscented
For topical / external use only

Benzocaine 7.5%, Aloe Vera, Banana Leaf Extract, Propylene Glycol*, PEG 400

*While we do not condemn use of Propylene Glycol in most products, it is safe in this application, and is the safest preservative with benzocaine.


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