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Je Joue Weighted Vibrating Onxy Butt Plug


The Je Joue Oynx weighted vibrating butt vibrator is designed for its weighted fulfilling experience. It’s name means black gemstone, which has inspired and multiple, gem-like edges, which provide a sensational feeling of fullness for the wearer. Its silky soft silicone and heavy stature will allow for uniquely pleasurable use. The powerfully low-frequency rumbling vibrations will penetrate your pleasure spots from deep within.

A weighted hexagonal vibrating butt plug, Onyx is ideal for those that enjoy a weighted experience with their butt plugs.

How it measures

Height: 117mm / 11.7 cm
Width: 62.5mm / 6.25 cm
Depth: 30.5mm / 3.05 cm
Insertable Length: 105mm / 10.5 cm
Weight 84.1g


Je Joue


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