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Crystal Yoni Spiritual Sex Wands

Gemstone Yoni wands “spiritually nourish” women by awakening higher levels of orgasmic pleasure.  Hand carved from 100% GIA certified crystal, these crystal dildos revolutionize the female orgasm. Moving away from the traditional vibration-induced climax, women tap into a gradual arousal, a steady succulent climb, building up an organic accumulation of sexual energy, leading to a conscious, full-bodied, expansive orgasm. Each time you use your crystal wand, the the energy is compounded and the orgasms intensify.

These crystal gemstones are silky smooth, non-porous and provide you with energy sensations that you have never experienced before. Each crystal calls up specific areas of concentration.

Whether you are looking for direct g-spot stimulation, desire to squirt or ejaculate, are getting back into intimacy after a hiatus, or want to to connect with your yoni in a new, sensual way, there is a Crystal Yoni Wand for you.

We dare you to put away your vibrator and tune into the sacredness of self-love; lasting juiciness, deeply satisfying orgasms that blossom beautifully into the erotic, self-loving, intuitive, powerful beings you’ve always craved to be.
Rose Quartz crystal dildo offers a playful way for you to explore the intimate connection within your self and/or partner. Rose quartz massage wand will radiate positive energy stimulating sensual, passionate vibes from head to toe to to open your heart chakra while you infuse the vibrations of rose quartz through your entire body and adventure into a place you haven’t felt before. Infusing femininity, beauty and passion to anything it touches, rose quartz is the ultimate self-pleasure tool.

The Obsidian yoni wand works rapidly with intense power, pleasing and healing your inner being. Shielding you from negativity and connecting your root to your heart, this crystal dildo is like a silky glossy mirror allowing you to see deep within yourself for an orgasmic soul cleansing retreat. Each stone will have a black color tone, some with possible gold sheen. Corresponds to the Root Chakra. Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones used for healing, blocking negativities and releases harbored emotions.

Clear Quartz massage wand will have a clear translucent color. Corresponds to all Chakras. Clear Quartz is a programmable stone and will amplify any energy it is intended too. One of the most versatile gemstones that opens your mind and heart.

Amethyst encourages selflessness, invite your lover for a journey into an orgasmic state. Grant yourself love as amethyst induces blood flow creating an explosive energetic orgasm. But don’t limit this gem to just energetic sex play, as this massage wand can tap into pressure points from head to toe.

Blue Quartz stones will have a medium blue color with light and darker veins. Corresponds to the throat Chakras. Blue Quartz is a stone of expression, helping one communicate their ideas, beliefs and emotions. Blue Quartz is also used to transform bringing you to a more desirable state.

Green Aventurine will have a medium green color tone. Corresponds to the Heart Chakra, especially calling in love later in life. Green aventurine is known for its luck and opportunity it brings, used to manifest wealth with a winning energy.

Red Jasper stones will have a unique appearance of red, orange, cream, white color variations colors. Corresponds to the Root Chakra. Red jasper is known for its vibrancy and endurance it brings out along with its ability to achieve goals through focus and determination.

From crystal sex toys to massage wands you will feel nothing short of bliss.

  • 100% natural organic crystal
  • Certified Rose Quartz
  • Sleek, silky, smooth
  • Crescent curve for targeted stimulation
  • Holds warm / cold sensations
  • May use dry, wet or any glide infusion
  • infuses energetic vibes
  • 6.5” long x 1” wide

The Curved Crescent Wand targets pleasure points with a sleek crescent curve. 6.5” long x 1” wide. Available in Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Blue Quartz, and Green Adventurine.

The Curved G-Spot Wand has a bulbous head to target the g-spot and bring on waves of intense orgasm. 6.5” long x 1” wide. Available in Rose Quartz, Obsidian, and Clear Quartz.

The NEW Curved Beaded Wand combines a phallic head with 3 beads for dual stimulation and pleasure contours. 7” long x 1.5” wide. Available in Rose Quartz and Obsidian.

The Straight Wands are a beautiful way to gently ease into penetration beginning with the Slim and moving up to the larger size. Large:7.5” long x 1.5” wide, Medium Slim: 7” long x 1” at the widest point. Available in Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Green Adventurine, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz and Amethyst (slim only.)