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Benefits of Masturbation May

If you know me at all, I preach pleasure and orgasm benefits all the time. I am a walk my talk kinda gal, but sometimes my pleasure interludes aren’t as frequent as I would like. (And please don’t hit me up volunteering to assist me, I’m good.) I get busy like everyone else. This month […]

A BJ for Your V-Day- Sexy Secrets For Your Valentine’s Whisper

The key to a sexy Valentines Day is a pleasurable blow job for the receiver and the GIVER. It’s no secret, men love blow jobs. One of the most common complaints I hear from men is that after they enter into a long term relationship or marriage, blow jobs become few and far between. What […]

How to Get Your New Years Kiss and Then What to Do Next

This might be the most anticipated New Year’s Eve since Y2K. The world is looking forward to a calmer 2021 for sure. Eminently there are no parties and festivities like normal, because nothing about 2020 has been normal.  But that doesn’t have to not include a New Year’s Kiss.  So what about that New Year’s […]

The Condom Cop-out

I keep hearing from both men I meet and my girlfriends, that men complain about condoms. A common gripe is that guys can’t stay hard wearing one. I am obviously not a man and don’t know what it feels like, but to me, that sounds like a mental block. I would think a baby or […]

Sexy Secret #5 for Insane Confidence

Welcome back! Here is my 5th and final confidence tip! Drum roll please…. The 5th Sexy Secret is to make eye contact. Not just make eye contact, but actually connect and hold eye contact. It is an important skill that exudes confidence and assurance. Direct eye contact can denote cultural or social hierarchy, however I challenge […]

Sexy Secret #3 for Insane Confidence

My 3rd  Sexy Secret to Insane Confidence is to wear beautiful undergarments under your clothes. Only you know what is there, but it improves how you hold yourself and how you feel. It is that little Je ne sais quoi that French women know. French women spend thousands of dollars on beautiful lingerie, just for […]

Kissing, Casual Sex, and Intimacy

What do you avoid when you are trying to keep your heart out of sex? I have heard that teens give blow jobs as the new “good night kiss” and partake in anal sex instead of vaginal intercourse. I have even heard that boys are telling girls they will still be a virgin if they […]

Hand Massage Hits the Right Spot

A Favorite Quick Tip! Non-sexual touching has been used as an erotic interlude since Masters and Johnson. These days we are starved for touch, more than ever. We live in cyberspace, buried in our devices. I urge you to connect with your lover tonight. Sometimes one or both of you just don’t have the energy […]

12 Tips for Being Safe on Tinder and Internet Dates

I don’t have much experience with long term dating or relationships, but I do have extensive experience in 1st dates, internet hook-ups and being Catfished. I don’t like dating, I much prefer sex. I suppose it is the small talk that I could do with out. It has always been like this, since high school, […]